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Project Scope 

Branding, Website Development and Deployment, Video and Motion Graphics Production, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Advertising, Print Collateral


April 2017 – Present

DJs Homemade

The image to the left is of DJs Homemade Wholesale website. DJs launched in June of 2017 with an overwhelming response that triggered an immediate need for a wholesale source. The website simply offers potential wholesale buyers what is available and the cost. New products will be available in November 2017. 

DJs Homemade
Online Store Launch Special

A series of 6 second advertisements were designed and developed for the launch of the new online store. The bumper ads were run on on YouTube for the month long campaign and resulted in significant sales.

First Online store marketing campaign

The videos below were part of a month long advertising campaign to launch DJs Homemade new online store. The bumper ads ran in rotation on YouYube over the month long launch campaign and yielded significant sales and new wholesale customers.

DJs Homemade Salsa Series 1 Package Design

Fresh & Zesty Salsa

Mild Salsa

Burning Desire Salsa

Medium Salsa

Fiery Sensation Salsa

Hot Salsa

Dragons Breath Salsa

Very Hot Salsa

Trinidad Reaper Salsa

Super Hot Salsa

Email Promotional Campaign Art

All Five Combo Pack

All Five Heat Levels

Fresh & Zesty & Burning Desire Combo

Mild & Medium Salsa

Fresh & Zesty & Fiery Sensation Combo

Mild & Hot Salsa

Fiery Sensation & Trinidad Reaper Combo

Hot & Super Hot Salsa

Facebook Promotional Campaign Art

Fresh & Zesty Buy Now on Facebook

Mild Salsa

Burning Desire Buy Now on Facebook

Medium Salsa

Fiery Sensation Buy Now on Facebook

Hot Salsa

Dragons Breath Buy Now on Facebook

Very Hot Salsa

Trinidad Reaper Buy Now on Facebook

Super Hot Salsa

DJs Homemade Product Info Card


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