Single Asset Client Projects

Don Riche Fashions Website Announcement

This 15 second teaser was designed and deployed to announce the upcoming Don Riche Fashion online store in Fall 2017.

Urban Development Partners Brand introduction

Urban Development Partners is a Manhattan based real estate organization that focuses on breathing life back into neighborhoods in New York that have fallen into poverty.

Street Photographer
D. Mondragon

Danny Mondragon is a Street Photographer from Brooklyn New York and this three minute movie  was shoot and produced to promote his photograpy on social media and beyond. 

KSCVK 2017 Annual Auction Advertisement

Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah is a Brooklyn based jewish orgainzation that helps provide traditional jewish weddings to coupples who would otherwise have difficulties with the cost. KSCVK has an Annual Auction with live entertainment this advertisement was used on social media and beyond.

Active Explorer Advertisement

The Active Explorer was a marketing campaign used by an advertising agency I worked for in 2015.

Personal Projects

The videos below where developed by me as studies to learn more tricks and techniques and to keep my skill set sharp. 

Hip Hop History
DJ Kool Herc

Russell Wilson Post Season Hustle 2016

Doug Baldwin
Pedestrian, Really Mr. Carter?

Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom Class of 2017

Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson

New York Giants Amazing WR Odell Beckham Jr


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