4TF "Deemak"

Project Scope 

Branding, Website Development and Deployment, Video and Motion Graphics Production, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Advertising, Print Collateral and more.


April 2017 – Present
4LIFE Wholesaler

The online store is a wholesale source for 4Life products and business information. The store set a record in sales for the company in its first two months and continues to grow in the third month.  


The website is a resource website to help educate newcomers to 4Life products and business oppurtunities. The site consists of 5 short videos than cover in detail what the products are, how they work, the business and you can make money, where and how the products and sourced and produced and so much more.

4TF Bumper Advertisements

A library of motion graphic videos and animations were designed and developed for a google video campaign. Each of the 6 second spots targets a specific demographic including existing 4Life product users, those new to Transfer Factor products and beyond.

4LIFE Product Illustrations Set 1

The top selling 4LIFE Immune System Boost Capsules

4Life Transfer Factor Plus, Tri Factor Formula, Classic and Kids & Teens 

4LIFE Product Illustrations Set 2

The top selling 4LIFE Immune System Boost Products

4LIFE Riovida, Transfer Factor Feline and Canine Formulas 

4TF Animated GIFs for Google Display Ad Campaign

A Library of animated GIFs were designed and developed using the existing illustrated assets


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